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🌮 About Taco Loco 🌮

Welcome to Taco Loco, where the heart of Mexico meets the soul of rural Georgia! Our family-owned gem has been nestled in the community for over seven years, and in that time, we've infused every corner of our beloved eatery with the warmth of our heritage and the spirit of authentic Mexican cuisine.

From the Taco Loco family to your plate, we've dedicated ourselves to a culinary journey, earning the title of the 'Best Mexican Restaurant' for two consecutive years. Our passion doesn't end there; we're also proud recipients of the 'Most Original Dessert' award, a testament to our commitment to innovation and authenticity in our recipes.

But at Taco Loco, we're more than just a Mexican restaurant; we're a vibrant, big-city experience blooming in rural Georgia. Our mission transcends serving food; we're here to offer an adventure — a rich, cultural escapade adorned with an urban ambiance. We meticulously select the freshest, high-quality ingredients, ensuring that every bite bursts with bold flavors and nourishing goodness.

Our dedicated team, an extension of our family, prides itself on exemplary service, treating every guest as part of our community, our history, and our family's culinary legacy.

Join us at Taco Loco, where every meal is a fiesta and every guest is familia!

The Art Of

Our Menu

Indulge in the Fiesta of Flavors - Taco Loco, where every bite's a celebration!

Main Dish

  • Mar y Tierra
  • Steak Mexicano**
  • Camarones Locos
  • Salmón a la Mexicana
  • Especial San Juan**
  • Carne Asada**
  • Pechugas Locas
  • Camarones Panchos

Tacos and Sopes

  • 2 Supreme Tacos
  • 1 Mexican Taco
  • 2 Sopes
  • 2 Mahi-Mahi Tacos
  • 2 Shirimp Tacos
  • 1 American Taco
  • Meat Choices
    **Steak - Pastor - Ground-beef - Chicken (Grilled or shredded).
  • Extra Meat Choices
    Lengua - Barbacoa - Chorizo

The Taste Of Cuisine

Craving an authentic Mexican feast? Reserve your table at Taco Loco now! Delight in a whirlwind of flavors and fun in our cozy corner of Georgia. Every meal's a celebration here—don't miss out!

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Opening Hours

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    11am - 10 pm
  • Wednesday
    11am - 10 pm
  • Thursday
    11am - 10 pm
  • Friday
    11am - 10 pm
  • Sat-Sunday
    11am - 10 pm
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